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Topical application is the process of placing, an essential oil on the skin, hair mouth, teeth, nails, or mucus membranes of the body, Applying essential oils directly on the body withhout any kind of dilution is commomly referre to as applying the oil "neat". Since  se side 23

Pure Essential Oils

NOTE: This section provides concise information about many of the pure essential oils that are avaible for the general publie. The listings of possible uses are meant for external application unless otherwise directed. The included safety data is also based on the external use of the oils and may differ from other published information that is basedon oral application. Any internal use indicated for these oils is based on the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils only.

Since pure essential oils are powerful healing agent, please remember to check the safty data before using an oil. Because there are several different oils that can help the same health condition, it should not be difficult to find one that will work for any particular situation. 

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