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Have you been using turmeric capsules or perhaps the dry powder? Are you ready for a more effective and efficacious delivery system? Say hello to Turmeric Essentail oil from doTERRA. Many people around the world have realized the benefits and it’s now easier to enjoy than ever as dōTERRA has released it as an essential oil!

Wondering why you should look into Turmeric in the first place? Take a look at the benefits of this oil:

- May enhance cellular antioxidant enzymes (e.g. glutathione)
- Helps support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism
- Helps support healthy nervous and cellular function
- Has been shown to increase curcumin potency and absorption
- May promote healthy immune function and response
- When diffused, Turmeric provides an emotional lift and may help improve mood
- Supports clean and healthy-looking skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes

Which of these benefits most appeals to you?

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